Common search procedures begin with consumers searching for information about services in their local areas.  A customer looking for a “car dealer,” a “restaurant,” or a “dentist” will go to Google or Bing and search in the area most relevant to his interests: his local town.

It is important to remember that most people looking for your products and services will not have a business website address (URL) in mind when they start to search online.  They go to the Internet to find that information in search results.

Their search will return relevant links (local car dealers, local restaurants, local dentists, for example) that point straight to the indexes of online directories (an example:,, etc.)

As a business, if your information is not listed in those search results, or if your information is present but outdated or incorrect….  You’re essentially out of the running!

Our goal is to provide directory sites with the best information possible in the form of listings/profiles for your business.