Visibility Reports

We will show you exactly where you stand online and where your information needs to be.

We help business owners track, measure and manage their online presence. We also optimize your business’s accessibility.

What we do is simple…

  • Our powerful system scours the web for any mention of your business. In directories, search domains like Google, Bing, Yahoo, in paid advertising spaces, on other websites and review sites, we locate your informational presence. Did you know that most businesses have over one hundred such sites that track their business data?
  • We, then, compile a report that shows exactly where all your information is deployed.
  • This report also includes any mention by consumers of your business, your reviews, what people are saying about your products, services or actual business. You will you learn what people are saying about your business, in detail.
  • We also build a proper profile on your business, enhancing your online presence, correcting any errors, adding depth to that information and syndicating that profile to over one hundred relevant locations.
  • We also syndicate your reviews to many social media channels, further boosting your visibility.

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